Jonc de Tungstène et Bois #KT002 - Konifer Watch

Tungsten and Wood Bangle # KT002

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Instead of choosing a gold or silver ring that will look like the vast majority of other wedding rings, choose a unique tungsten and wood ring. Konifer's KT002 features three thin strips of tungsten alternated with two wider strips of beautiful Hawaiian Koa antlers.

Tungsten is much more affordable than gold, and up to 10 times stronger. The wood inserts are protected by a sealing method so that your ring will last a lifetime. The silver metal and dark red wood of this unique ring offer the perfect mix of materials.


  • Finished: polished
  • Wood Insert: Hawaiian Koa
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Thickness: mm 2
  • Weight: 17 gr.
  • Type: UNISEX


Note that tungsten rods do not shrink due to the extreme hardness of this material.