Do you own a Konifer wooden watch and wear it every day? Here are 5 easy-to-apply tips to keep your precious watch in pristine condition for as long as possible!


If you are the proud owner of a Konifer watch, you should certainly wear it regularly in your daily life. As a result, you definitely want your favorite wooden accessory to stay clean and in good condition for as long as possible.


Rest assured, a wooden watch does not require a very high level of maintenance. Since it is made of natural materials, the air around it and the oil in your skin both work to maintain the quality of the wood. However, there are a few easy ways to avoid any inconvenience and keep your watch as long as possible! We present 5 tips that will help you keep your watch like new!

  1. A quick little wash

If you notice that the color of your watch loses a little of its shine or if small residues accumulate on it, it is enough to carry out a simple and fast cleaning. A soft, slightly damp cotton cloth may be sufficient. Gently rub the face and strap of the watch for a few seconds.


Applying beeswax, lemon oil, or lip balm can help protect the watch from damage, improve the durability of the wood, and maintain moisture balance. This helps prevent drying or cracking. A teaspoon of the product you choose is sufficient. Apply the product to all wooden parts of the watch with a soft cloth or cotton swab.

  1. Safe storage


For those occasions when you need to remove your wooden watch, be sure to choose adequate storage space. For example, a watch left on its own in a backpack, suitcase or satchel may be scratched by other objects or suffer shocks. This is why we recommend that you store your watch in a protective case or in its original box during transport.


Besides transport, if you leave your Konifer watch to rest at home for a few days, it is also best to put it in its original box to protect it.

  1. Pay attention to the water

Did you know that your beautiful Konifer watch is not waterproof? It is rather splash proof. Only models carbon fibre are water resistant up to 50 meters. You will not be able to submerge your watch under water, but you will be able to wash your hands without any problem and receive a few drops of water here and there! Use good judgment when wearing your Konifer wooden watch near water. It is made of wood, it is ultra resistant, but it remains wood and not metal!


Since an accident can happen quickly, if your watch is submerged and water seeps into the dial, you will need to go to a watchmaker. The latter will be able to open the watch, remove water and mist and clean the movement. If water has not seeped inside the watch, a simple quick drying will be sufficient.


  1. Extreme temperatures

Frigid or extremely hot temperatures and humidity can damage the wood that makes up your watch. Since it is a living and natural material, wood can degrade if it is exposed for long hours to these harsh conditions. For example, avoid leaving your watch in your car on hot or very cold days. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can cause cracks in the wood that makes up your watch. Overexposure to UV rays from the sun can also affect wood staining. 


  1. Wear your watch as often as possible

It might seem hard to believe, but this is what distinguishes your wooden watch the most from a classic watch. Around your wrist, the wood of the watch is fed by the natural oils of your skin. This gives your watch an optimum level of humidity and allows it to keep its original color.


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Maintaining a wooden watch is simple, but it is essential to take care of it a few times a year, since it is a natural and living material!